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First, I just want to say thank you for all of the very nice comments I received on our kitchen.  I had so much fun reading them!  I also have so many new followers in the past few days.  Thank you so much for following.  Also, I try to visit everyone, but there are a few that connecting information is not coming up.  I will do my best to figure that out! 

I also want to thank my friend Polly for writing up a post about my blog.  If you haven't made a visit yet to Sassafras Stuff  - hurry on over.  Polly has so many great ideas, loves to decorate her home, and also has two shop spaces which she fills full of vintage goodness.  On top of that she is just such a genuinely kind person.  Seriously, head on over and see all that she has been up to!
  You will love it!

So, here we go.  This is what is behind the doors of the center island.  It used to be full of Tupperware, big pots, baking items, etc.  I got rid of some things and moved the rest to our corner lazy susan.  Now that space works really well and this space is working really well for all of our baking goods.  See the power the hubs hooked up.  He was very good about picking up very industrial looking outlets and the like.  This entire island really reminds me of a counter you might find in a old grocery.

I have to show you the new canisters I found.  Super easy to use and they stack - making for good organization and space saving.  The acrylic handle is what seals them tight.  When they are up like in this photo you just pull up and the top easily comes right off.

To seal just press down.  Best part - they are from Walmart - made by Better Homes and Gardens.

Can't ever have enough kisses.  My friends are nice enough to tell me that my Peanut Blossom cookie recipe is the best.  They stay soft.  It's a recipe my mom found when we were little.  Anyhow - they appreciate it when I bake them so I keep kisses on hand.  There is rarely a party that goes on here that doesn't have Peanut Blossoms.

My grandma's rolling pin.

I put some of my sugars in salt and pepper shakers from Home Goods.  I put squares of wax paper over the shaker holes so everything would stay fresh.

Sugars and the semi-sweet chocolate chips fill the large jars near the open side of the island.

I love having everything neat and easy to reach.  The canisters are labeled with their item name and the expiration date is printed out on the bottom of each container.

Now I just have to keep this adorable little monster out.  In the beginning she stole the container of Hershey cocoa and hid it in our bed.  I'm still not sure how she managed that.  Luckily it didn't pop open. 

She is also the reason the Baker's squares are in a jar.  I was also very lucky she didn't like bittersweet chocolate.  Such a little thief!  She has been staying out of there lately.   Now that things have gotten harder to steal!

Hope you have a great day!  Amazingly our temperatures are supposed to reach 60 degree's!  March Madness is a big thing for Rob so the boys and I are going to go out tonight.  A break from healthy eating - we are going to dine on chicken and waffles.  They saw the coupon I had clipped out and thought it sounded like the best thing ever!

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