Decisions, Decisions ...

1:39 PM

I finally ordered our new carpet today.  I think I looked at every carpet book Shaw makes, and have a stack of sample pieces that reaches from the floor to my knees.  It was a really hard decision, and our carpet installer has the patience of a saint.  I have heard it takes people more time to pick out carpet than to pick out their car, and I have to agree.  My car was easy - I test drove a couple of different brands and models, and then happily returned to Jeep.   But anyhow, lets talk carpet!

 I really like the look of wool sisal, but my family wanted something soft underfoot.  In the end I went with a very simple carpet for most of our home.

I used painters tape to tape off the colors that I knew wouldn't work.  There was just too much to look at.  This was my second attempt at ordering samples so I really wanted to make sure I chose well.
The next issue is that the colors look completely different depending on if it is day or night.  That didn't help matters.

Here is my final decision ...  Shaw - Walking On Clouds - Clover Patch.

This will be everywhere except for our front room.  I'm having some fun in the front room.

 I LOVE this carpet and had to use it somewhere.   This carpet is Shaw - Creative Style - Scimitar.  The pattern is a zebra print.  I think this would also look great going up a staircase.  It's going to be a bit crazy, but I am really excited about it.  I will also have some left over so I'm thinking of having that made into a runner for our hallway by our garage.  That way I can tie it into the house a little more.  A little on each side!

I think they both work well enough together.  Green - grays.  I guess I will find out soon!  If you are in Michigan and need a great carpet installer e-mail me and I will be happy to pass his contact information along.

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