Kitchen Island Small Sneak Peek and My Paper Flowers at Before and After Interiors

6:30 AM

Good morning!

So, our kitchen island is here ...  I've just been taking my sweet old time showing you.  Here is a sneak peek!  I'm hoping to snap some photo's in the next few days and then I will share them with you!

On another note - my flowers are now being sold out of one of my very favorite stores - Before and After Interiors in Utica.   Very, very fun for me!  Now I am working on figuring out what my next step might be.  I have some other handmade ideas to throw in the mix so I guess I will just see where life takes me.  

Here is another photo of some of the items available at the shop.  I love the new green Beverly has on this piece.  The Gray Horse I picked out for our island also looks amazing in her store.

I adore that mirror.  I'm imagining a spot for it!

I'm always admiring the vintage corbels.  

If you missed the first post I did on Before and After Interiors and wish to see more please click here.

Hope everyone has a great day!
I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished. 

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