Dinner, Simplified.

3:35 PM

Do you ever eat like this for dinner?

Sometimes I like to make a tray of healthy basic foods, and just set it out for everyone to enjoy.

We had this for dinner a couple of nights ago.  It was going to be just Noah and I eating - I guess the tray looked so good because we had a couple of extra hands join the party.

This time I put out fruits, low sodium Boars Head turkey (it was really good, thankfully), seed flavored crackers, one of N's favorite cheeses - chipotle white cheddar, potstickers, and some tangy Honeycup mustard. 

It's enjoyable to put together dinner like this.  It's straight forward and simple, but really tastes good! When they were younger we would call it the snack tray - this time they comically and enthusiastically threw around the word smorgy.  Oh, boys. 

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