One Of My Favorite Snacks - Smoked Chili With Pumpkin Seed Crackers and Sour Cherry Goat Cheese

4:47 PM

With watching my sodium I have had to read lots of labels, and have really learned lots more about the food I eat in general.  Lucky for me goat cheese is quite low in sodium - about 110mg per ounce (you have to check each package though).  I have a couple favorite ways to snack using it - this is just one.

I found both of the items above at Whole Foods.  The crackers are smoked chili with pumpkin seed - and they have a bit of a kick to them.  They are so good with this sour cherry goat cheese.  If you can't find this goat cheese the ingredients are just goat cheese and sour cherry preserves.

Yum!  It's just so good! 

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