Google Maps Streetview Car & TV Show Go On

1:00 PM

It has been so long since my lasts post I almost forgot my log in!

Hope everyone is well!

Things are great here.

I was just upstairs making things when something out the front window caught my eye, and had me in a frenzy to find my cell phone.  Glad I live on a court.  Found the phone - corralled the dog away from the door, and at least got a shot!

It's the google maps car that snaps photo's as it drives by.

That photo led to this text ...

Which takes me to our new FAVORITE TV show - Go On.  It's sad, touching, and very funny.  At least my kind of humor funny.   A cast of interesting characters!  Here is the trailer, and if you watch the trailer you will understand the car and reference.  

Has anyone else been watching?

I've been wanting to mention this show, and seeing the car was the perfect way!

Happy Monday!

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