Things I Love - In My Shop

11:42 PM


Here are just some of the things that are in my shop!

Vintage Cinderella LOVE - I have been holding on to these since I was very young.  Always meant to frame them - now that I see them framed it motivates me to actually follow through, and get them on my wall as well.  Don't worry, I tracked down extra's, and there are many more prints than just the two above.  I think they are so vibrant and cheerful!  Always one of my favorite things.

Hand dyed pom ball with a bold ribbon.  That little silver ring box I found on one of my outings.  I can't part with it!

Double sided glittered clothespins.

Paper cut outs (birds and ovals) from a old ledger - love that the pages were numbered in nice navy ink. 

Vintage candleholders.  I love putting different lentils in the bottoms of my candleholders - I was looking through the newest Better Homes and Gardens this morning - they used this very idea!

Lots of yarn ball garlands in many color combinations.  

Coffee filter wreaths.

Baskets with galvanized cubbies, and two sizes of terrariums.  I think that both of these would be fun to use in a office.

Fleur-de-lis finial.

I will share more of my Vintage - Gathered - & Handmade items very soon!

Hope everyone is having a good week.  I decided to schedule every horrible personal appointment possible this week.  It's kind of nice getting everything out of the way at once.  One more tomorrow, and I should be caught up other than a few things needed to be done on my Jeep.  The weather was so nice here today I took time to clean it's windows.  Now I have to clean the rest of it, and have the tires rotated.  Got the oil change and wash today too.  The engine light just came on as well so I have to see what that is all about.   I don't think the errands ever end :) 

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