Happy Halloween! Pictures From Around The House.

9:07 PM

Hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy Halloween.
Josh has friends over tonight, and Noah is at his friends house.

I took some photo's a bit ago since I forgot to post any Halloween pics.

Pumpkins covered with book pages.  I made 2 this year.

Dressing up the lamp in our foyer.

Black and white, pumpkins, candles.

Found the vintage grand opening bow tie at a yard sale this summer - best .50 spent in some time.

Glittered pumpkins from Target.  Had to buy them!
 The bricks in the background are from the downtown Hudson's building after it was demolished :( 

Added paper crows to the hallway.

This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations.

More black and white.

Kitchen table.  
I added a few new things this year - the book page pumpkins, glittered pumpkins, owl under the cloche in the first photo, and the stuffed owl (that is actually from Kohl's Christmas collection in stores now)

Happy Halloween!

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