Shop Items - Part 2

12:23 PM

Happy Tuesday!

I'm finally back with some more of the items that you will find in my shop.  
Hopefully I will have an Etsy store up and running soon too!

Chalkboard vases (in the background)  I like them even without anything written on them!

Framed shadowbox bouquets

Vintage word cards

Pinwheels - the bouquet that keeps on giving!
I have plain pinwheels and then this vase full of fancy pinwheels decorated with little sayings!

Fancy pinwheels are each sold separately.

I used the tickets as price tags!

And ... a hello from Guinness.

This is some of my favorite new art.  I love that they can be made custom with any saying.  I'm planning on making a big one for my house that says peaceful, restful, friend and companion because that is what my Noah's first and middle names mean.   Of course I'm his mom so I just find that so cool!  He is just that too - nicest person you could ever meet - zero problems ever - complete joy!  Hope it continues because he truly has never been anything but a pleasure.

Tickets to use as tags or ribbon or for whatever.

New blush flowers.

A glimpse of my tiny, but full of goodness space.  Someone who walked through said it was cheerful, and there were so many little things that just make you feel happy.  How kind is that!!!

I've been adding more and more each week.  Still have to go this week and add more which means I better start working!

Thank you to everyone who left me such nice messages!  As I was telling my friend Kare - I am just realizing how hard I am on myself.  With all of your kindness, and the kindness of my friends, and people I talk to I think it's time I let up on myself a bit, give myself a break, and start to believe in myself.  Anyone else struggle with a overactive little negative voice in your head?  I have my own worst inner critic with me all the time.  Ugg!

With that, Have a great day!

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