Josh's Room Redo

12:26 PM

I have been working this week on clearing out my oldest son's room so we can begin to transform it into an area fit for his upcoming teenage years.  He has an iron bed that we are keeping but I have something in mind that will help make it a comfortable place to read or just hang out.  I love the look of an iron bed but they are really uncomfortable to sit back and relax in.  Even with big Euro pillows the iron bars always find a way to dig into your back.  I want to solve that for him and make that bed a place that is comfortable.  He also has a really neat 14 drawer dresser that will be staying.  It is great for storage and that is something that is hugely needed in our home. 

Some of Josh's wishes are chocolate brown walls like we have in our walkout, a desk, and a comfy chair.  He also needs shelving for books and something to contain the Lego's.  

We already have his sheets.  They are white with chocolate brown stitching on the edges.  They are a great starting point for the bed.  Super simple!  We will probably still use this great reversible quilt.  It is light gray on one side and charcoal on the other.  I also have in mind mixing in some blues.  I don't have anything picked out yet so we will see what I end up finding.  I also need to see what Josh ends up liking since it is his room.

This is one of a few graphic and colorful framed posters we will hang on the wall.  I'll tell you more about them in a later post but here is just a glimpse.  I would also like to add some kind of chalkboard/memo board to the walls and other simple framed art.

There is a lot of work to do so bear with me.  It might take awhile!

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