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8:49 PM

I don't know about you but I feel like I spend half of my day in the kitchen.  It seems like I am always in there making food and cleaning up!  Here are my favorite essentials for keeping things tidy.  They have proven themselves time and time again.

First up, my Handi Wipes by Clorox.  They are reusable cloths and can be used on pretty much anything.  They are even machine washable.  Lately I can only find them at Walmart so when I am there I stock up.  Six cloths come  in each package and cost $1.46.  I use them for washing dishes and cleaning the counter.

Bar Keepers Friend is the best cleanser out there for getting rid of those black scratches that show up on your sinks and counters.  It cleans up stains.  It polishes stainless steel.  I took a little time actually reading the can tonight and I was very excited to learn it even cleans glass cooktops.  I'm trying that next.  This is one product that I think every household needs to have!  It works better than any of its "competitors".  Is it bad that I am so into a cleanser?  I might have a problem. 

I use hand soap, dish soap, counter spray, counter sanitizer and dishwasher liquid from a company called Melaleuca.  It was about 4 years ago that I switched to Melaleuca products and have never looked back.  They are safer for the environment, for my family, and cost less than store brands.  

In a previous post I had mentioned how much I adore the flour sack towel.  It absorbs like no other and you can leave them white or add your personal touch.  I have adorned them with my boys artwork and also like this.

Hopefully you'll try some of the above items and grow to depend on them as much as I do.

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