Spur of the Moment Wrap

2:28 PM

Do you ever find yourself rushing around the house gathering things you need to take to your friends house and discovering that you actually forgot to wrap the gift you intended to bring along. This happened to me just the other day.  I thought I was super organized with everything ready to go. Well, not so much!  Luckily I had purchased a bulk set of white bags, bunches of natural tissue, and there is always ribbon around.  All my bag needed was a little something to dress it up.  

At Christmas I had purchased a bunch of paper stencils from the office store.  I was going to hang them all over a Christmas tree but didn't get that far.  I simply grabbed one of the 4 inch stencils and tied it on with a nice plaid ribbon.  It was more than simple and looked like it was well thought out.  I hope you enjoy my idea for this very quick wrap!  Just change the ribbon color and letter for that personalized touch. 

Happy Birthday Alden! 

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