Step Outside

9:06 PM

Is there anything new you want to do this year?  

My year of new has started off with something as simple as painting my nails.  Last time I was at J. Crew I was enticed by this Essie nail color sitting upon their counter top.  The color is Russian Roulette.  I just couldn't resist it!  A funny thing happened when I used it on my nails.  The simple act of adding color made me feel a little like a new person.   Like a glamourous version of myself!  I even received a few compliments on the color while I was out running errands today.  It has been years since I have used color on my nails and I learned that it is kinda fun!  

So what are you going to try this year?  It can be something big or something small.  It's just fun to try new things.  For starters I want to learn to play Euchre, learn to kayak and I am determined to finally finish the book that has been haunting me on my nightstand, "The Brothers Karamazov."

Have fun stepping outside of your box!

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