Spotlight on Design: Nicola Manganello - Part 2

12:10 PM

Here is another look into the work of Nicola Manganello.   

Here is the house she started with.

Here is another view of the house as work is being completed.  Note the large addition onto the back of the home.

Nicola appeared for a second time in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in November of 2007.   In this issue the home above is the subject.  I have this article as well so here it is.  Be sure to click on the pictures for a larger view.

Great simple drapery, dark wood floors, and I like the striped chairs mixed with the zebra pillow that dresses up the sofa.   The blue throw adds a nice dash of color and more pattern.

A grand entrance - yet the walkway material adds a touch of informality that would make anyone feel welcome.

Nicola made the island out of an old dark farmhouse table.  I like the mix of stainless with the baskets.  The chair and fabric in the foreground add more warmth.  I love that fabric on the chair cushion!
 Well, here is my hound Guinness.  I guess she wanted her picture taken.  Hope you don't mind the interruption!

She is wearing her new monkey collar.  It is actually the same collar she was wearing on the day we met - only a larger size!  "Gigi" is a monkey!  

Well, now she is settled in!  I love all her pink!

Back to the story...  Now this is a one of a kind fireplace full of history. It is made from granite from the homes original foundation.  

You will find all kinds of little touches in this group of pictures.  The pantry walls are chalkboard paint and check out the little striped shades on the pendant lighting.  The desk is made from a file cabinet and a piece of wood.  In the last photo an antique finial tops the newel post where the signed house plans are safely tucked inside.

A comfortable bedroom complete with old beams!

The bathroom vanity is made from an old cabinet.  The glass doors add a nice touch.  Nicola also hung the mirror upside down so the wall sconces would fit.  Lastly, a very cheerful family room.

I had to get a closer view of that bath.  Note the sinks and the floor.  Thank you Better Homes and Garden's for another wonderful look at the talent that is Nicola Manganello.   I still have a little more to show you so stay tuned for part 3.

{All photographs, except Guinness, are from Nicola Manganello and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.}

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