Let's Count the Ways

10:30 PM

OK - this is a really easy project, but I am happy with the result so I'm going to share it with you.  Hopefully I will keep you interested.

I so love it when I can use an item in ways other than originally intended.  It also helps justify bringing a new item in which will take up valuable space.
 Here is a closeup of the completed "candleholder" transformation.
This is the holder as I found it in the supermarket garden center.  I loved it's look and since it is lined with a glass vase  I figured the uses for it would be endless.  It also reminds me of the wood finishes at Restoration Hardware.

I used two Pyrex dessert dishes to elevate this little plant inside the holder.

One glass dish is stacked upside down for height and the other right side up to gather any water so everything stays dry and tidy.

Before I added the Pyrex dishes and plant to the holder I lined it with a white lace edged napkin.  It conceals the plastic pot and glass dishes inside.

Since it was for the holiday the handle is standing up to resemble the traditional Easter basket.

I can see myself using this holder for so many different items and yes - even the occasional candle!

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