Dinner Table of Miss Forgetful!

8:34 AM

While on a very last minute and seemingly impossible search for the rolls I needed so I could make Easter breakfast I realized I hadn't given any thought at all as to how I was going to decorate our Easter dinner table.  Oops!  This dawned on me after spending about 5 minutes in my third supermarket.  

I had already looked at the garden items because I, of course, can't go into a store only for the item I need.  Then I saw a display of potted Easter Lily's.  That is the point where I remembered I had a table to set!  I'm not always the best planner.

The store I was at has a garden center so I decided to pop outside for a minute to look for inspiration.  I quickly found 4 plants I loved and tossed them into my cart.  I chose some white and some purple.  I then headed back to the garden area and picked up two candleholders I had been admiring.  I thought they would make fantastic vases!  A quick trip near the candle area supplied a little added character.  Then off to find the rolls.  Would they have them?  Yes, one bag.  The kicker - I had to buy 72 rolls!  Friends and family if you want to make the Breakfast Butterscotch Rolls please call!  I'll make up a carryout bag.   

Here are the final results.  At the center I layered a couple platters and used a little number 4 jar for April 4th.  Mercury glass candleholders added a little sparkle.  Lastly, I used a couple of eggs I had picked up at Pier One.

Here is one of the table settings.  I decided to use my simple creamy white plates and my pink and white bowls.  I love my bowls!  I used drinking glasses I purchased from the new Katie Brown line of dinnerware.  I like that they are super simple!   

Just a closer view of the centerpiece.

Here is my added character.  I found the pair of cute little birds on clearance for $2.50 each.  Noah said that was a steal!

My candleholder turned vase!  Worked out perfectly.  I love it when that happens.

Shabby chic napkins with beaded butterfly holders.

Breakfast turned out great.  Glad I shot a picture of it sitting on this table.  Fits in the post that way!

A final photo.  I just wish that the drapes were up.  I have made a little progress in that area.  I have the drape fabric and rug picked out.  I am still on the hunt for the right fabric to cover my chair cushions with.  I know what I want - I just can't find it! 

Here is a sneak peek at the fabric I am using for the drapes.  It has a lot of texture which will add some  interest.  I like that they will be very neutral.

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll share the kids dinner table a little later in the week.  

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